Paradise of Colorado

Custom & Semi-Custom Homes & Villas

Available in Woodland Park starting in the $700k’s

Each floor plan is designed in house, elegantly constructed, energy efficient, low maintenance, and build with outstanding quality.  And if you are wanting something a little (or a lot) different from what we have shown below, we will be happy to design something that meets your specific needs and desires.

The Highland Cottage

Main Level: 2,067

S.F. Lower Level: 2,049

S.F. Garage: 904 S.F.

The Highland Cottage II

Main Level: 2,138

S.F. Upper Level: 2,120

S.F. Garage: 862 S.F.

The Colonel’s Cottage

Main Level: 2,443

S.F. Upper Level: 460

S.F. Garage: 676 S.F.

The Highland Villa

Main Level: 2,093

S.F. 2 Car Garage: 516

S.F. 1 Car Garage: 269 S.F.

The High Country Villa

Living Area: 2,133

S.F. Garage: 516 S.F.

The Ballantrae II

Main Level: 2,479

S.F. Lower Level: 2,394

S.F. Garage: 895 S.F.

The Woodland Cottage

Main Level: 1,347

S.F. Lower Level: 1,264 S.F.

Garage: 611 S.F.

The Christmas Cottage

Main Level: 3,326 S.F.

Upper Level: 428 S.F.

Lower Level: 2,394 S.F.